All about Monkey Fudge

Meet Monkey. Monkey Fudge. He's up for adoption through Zoe's Animal Rescue Society.

This little guy's life changed forever the day he was taken in by Zoe's and nursed back to health. Here he is sitting in his foster mama's lap, staring deep into our souls. Or is he?

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You wouldn't guess it by looking at his adorable little face, but Monkey is blind as a bat.  The best part is that he doesn't mind one bit. He was the runt of his litter - just one of two surviving pups - and his mama was too young to care for them. He's lucky he survived. 

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Don't feel sorry for him though - that's just how it is and he's okay with it. Blindness is Monkey's normal. He's been learning how to explore the world without eyesight through touch and sound. It takes a lot of patience and dedication from his foster mom and sibling Lily. Lily waits her turn when Monkey gets his treats for following the sound of his foster mom's voice and making his way to her. 

Monkey never stays in one place too long. He's a puppy and he has a lot of energy to burn. He keeps everyone on their toes and when he gets scared or unsure, his mom helps him calm down with delicious treats and a cozy lap to cuddle in.

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Can I plleeaassee have some of those treats mama?

Can I plleeaassee have some of those treats mama?

When you can't see what's coming at you life can get overwhelming quickly, so Monkey is looking for a home that will continue to be patient with him and use positive reinforcement training so that he feels safe. And a nice warm lap helps too.

If you're interested in learning more about Monkey Fudge, and think you might be his perfect family, head over to Zoe's Animal Rescue and read all about him